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Did Harlan Ellison say it best when he said “The minute people fall in love they become liars.”? Isn't that when the term "LET THE GAMES BEGIN" become relevant?

Isn't the heart like a beacon in the night prominantly alerting others of it's whereabouts? "COME HERE! SEE ME?"

We inadvertantly throw up guards when we fall in love. The first downfall being "Does he/she really love me or are they lying?" Maybe they do love you but the lies do begin. Lies to keep the person we love from knowing ugly truths about us, our past, and who we once were.

Why do we lie? It's simple, we want to be loved and never judged. Perfect in the eyes of the one who captured our heart, our soul, our being. We forget that they have a past too and are most likely feeling the same as we do.

Lying is essential to maintain the game of love. Where would the enthusiasm be if we didn't play the game? We have to build our persona to be as beautiful as we can. Don't we?

Harlan Ellison also said “We find ourselves in odd places at various times, and for a brief span we link our lives to others and then, our time elapsed, we move apart. Through a haze of pain occasionally, usually through a veil of memory that clings, then passes, sometimes as though we have never touched.”

Isn't it true that we view love through a veil of pain? Ending with memories which in most cases are bitter endings of sorrow? Those memories do after some time become vague and hard to recall to the forefront of our mind. We tend to forget the good and retain the bad memories and in the end it truly is like we never touched at all.

What then? Should we be afraid to fall in love for fear of the lies that accompany it? Is it possible that by waiting for that perfect one we may miss out on some very exciting times in our lives? Well yes, it is possible.

I have been in several relationships and i walked away with a lot of different lessons from each one. I walked away with the knowledge that we should not give everything we are to another because others will not treat us the way we deserve to be treated.

I walked away with the knowledge that no one is perfect so don't let love lie to you and tell you they are. I learned that no matter how a relationship ends i am still a good person and will not live my life as a reflection of that relationship.

No matter what love holds for us we should always remember that the lies cannot corrupt us and take our self worth, or dignity away unless we let it. Don't guard your heart.

Live, love, learn from every aspect of what love has to offer. The good and the bad. Or as in the another spot on quote, “You must never be afraid to go there.” ― Harlan Ellison

Written by: Belinda Taylor 8-16-2013
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