Secrets In The Rain

by Belinda Taylor - September 23, 2014 10:55PM

What mysteries stir in the rain? It holds so much for us that we could never really comprehend. The veil of rain disguised as natures very own tears is but Gods way of giving us privacy.

To cry will only wash away for the world to know not that our pain was visible. To scream in the rain seems playful, jovial, yet anguished with all it's intensity.

Run, run fast and hard. Feel the wind and drops of moisture falling against your face. Let it have you but for a moment. Let it cleanse your eyes and your heart of the turmoil deep within, the turmoil which holds us captive because we hold onto it with a tight grip, scared it will be revealed for the thief it is, scared to show what it is capable of should we release it.

The desire to stand in the middle of a field at dusk, arms outstreched, head tilted back looking into the gray swirls of clouds mixed with raindrops seems to call to our inner need to be accepted by the darkness we call companionship.

Let the rain have you but for a moment. Let it cleanse you and wash your pain away if but for a moment. Loosen the grip and let it go. Cry, cry, cry like you've never cried before and mask it in the mystery of the fallen rain.

When it ends there will be no tracks to indicate there ever were tears. Look into the puddles and see the reflection of the new blue sky, the rainbow and the newly transformed clouds. Look into the puddles and look deep into your eyes and find your soul there. Only you know what the dark skies held that it holds no more.

Capture this wondrous moment, savor it for it will only last for a little while until we find ourselves waiting for the skies to grow dark and misty again so once more we can hide in the sheets of rain which blanket us, disguising once again the pain within.

The darkness cannot grip your heart and mind anymore. Take delight because you now have a secret, a secret in the rain...


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