Come closer, See me!

Come close to me, see me. Look through the windows to my soul, see me... Really see me. The turmoil stirring deep within, like dust swirling in the wind.

Can you make me see the beauty within me? Will you calm the pain? Come close to me, see me.

The girl feels, she sees, she hears the music, the music that can only be heard through the silence of our breathing, the stillness of our beating heart, faint and far away, but none the less there.

Is this but a mere memory of what once was? A daydream perhaps of what the soul longs for? Come close to me, see me...

The dim in her eyes, what is this? Is it death of the spirit within? Was it foretold what happens to the spirit when broken? The dim, making it harder to see the soul.

Blinding even those who look inside. Come close to me, see me. Don't mistake, don't be convinced that what is, is not. Come close to me, see me...

What is empty? Is it a visual which tells us the glass is empty? Is it the lingering pain deep inside our chest that takes our breath when we think of our losses and shortcomings?

Is it the emptiness in which we can not see but rather feel. What is this? Come close to me, see me...

I will march on. I will  not tarry. I will go forward and move toward perfection. I will march on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life's path.

I will cling to life, the life within, and i shall release this outward existence which comes in the form of life, but is the cruelest of punishments. Come close to me, see me...

 Make no mistake, the girl will never allow her spirit to endure this pain again, this emptiness within which cannot be seen, only felt. She is scarred within the depths of her soul.

Her heart is now harder than before, it shall not be penetrated with the steeling knife which presents itself as love and boars its way in like a parasite. Come close to me, see me...

Pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses her understanding, the lie which engulfed her for so long has reared its ugly head but she will be victorious and break free of its cold grip.

The emptiness within will be filled again. Come close to me, see me...Come close to me, see me...Come close to me, see me...Can you see me?

Written by: Belinda Taylor 8-16-10
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