Scream ...

The darkness closes in like a blanket surrounding the very essence of her being. She struggles to shrug it off but it clings on tight, squeezing tighter with every breath she takes.

What is this? Why has it consumed her? Where did it come from? She feels her heart suffocating and wonders if she will ever be able to breathe again.

She suffers, she screams, but no one hears her. It came without notice, without concern for the life it would destroy. It is like a raging fire burning its way through the existence of others.

Scream louder, maybe she will be heard this time, maybe not but scream louder. Do not stop fighting for life. Do not fall to your knees in agony.

All these voices of insanity she hears inside her head, they wont stop whispering. They know her torment, they cause her pain. The darkness has almost smothered out the life now.

It takes what it wants and laughs at its work of destruction. It gloats in its victory. She is scared, shivering from the fear that has replaced the hole in her chest where her heart used to be, fear of the unknown.

Why, why, why has the light betrayed her? Why cant she just walk away and never look back? She prays, her faith never wavering, knowing it is the enemy that is trying to take her life. The enemy that seduces and mangles everything it touches.

It is like a drug, addicting, shiny and new but rotten to the core of it's very being. Why has it touched her life? Why has it wedged in deep and destroyed her? Why does it have to be so cruel?

Breathe it; Smell it; The pain of living. The flesh being the most disgusting thing one can ever experience, truly. Every breath makes way for the next moment of torment, the next moment of suffrage, the next moment of pain.

She struggles as she inhales. What she thinks will be air is in fact the pain she has grown to accept as "her" way of life. The wonder of why has long since left her consciousness and turned into acceptance. She is exhausted from the pain of it all, from the pain of living.

She looks in the mirror and sees the disease which has engulfed her entire being. Nothing seems to be working for her and what would is out of her reach. Being human has it's price as she has well learned throughout the course of her life.

Suffocating everything she once was, everything she is, and taking away what would have been. This reality has not discriminated against her. She is crippled in her emotions. “One thing you can't hide - is when you're crippled inside.” ― John Lennon The sincerest of truths.

Sleep is not even an escape. What will she do? How much further can she go? When will her karma be paid in full?

She begs for the release of her heart and soul but the thief will never let go. The thief will forever haunt her. She will forever hear the laughter of the darkness that now holds her captive. Be still my broken heart, let me go back into the light, please punish me no more...

Written by: Belinda Taylor 12-9-10
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