Who's Life is it anyway?

"Who's Life is it anyway?" Isn't that usually the question when we as human beings feel disrespected by others? Do you pay my bills? Or put food on my table? No!

So i ask, why do you think i care about what you think of me? Are you anyone important? No! You are plain and ordinary like everyone else. No less but certainly no more.

When people become upset or annoyed over the petty things it kinda shows what kind of regards they have about the things that really matter in life.

Lets ya know who the true ones are in your life and who to dust off your feet and move on with a Pthh and a sigh. Glad to have them gone because using others for what they can offer you is wrong!

Lessons learned? History repeats itself? What goes around comes around? Karma's a B**ch? Are those statements to live by? You betcha! Do i? You betcha!

I also believe in the Lord Jesus Christ whom i KNOW takes care of me and my family, and He takes care of yours although you probably think you are the one who is responsible for that.

That is definitely something we are ALL entitled to, the right to THINK whatever we want. Judgement Day will tell all so i wont bother to worry about your thoughts.

I have the most perfect gift one can have, FAMILY! My kids and Grandbabies is proof of God's love and respect for me.

He has loaned me these treasures because HE says i am worthy of this. Until you become Jesus then don't judge me because to judge me is to not know me...

Thank you Lord, for Your Blessings on me and my family and for Your Blessings on EVERYONE in this world and their families.

Please forgive me Lord of my sins. Please forgive others who sin against You Lord. Please heal ALL the sick and save ALL the lost and make all wrongs right Dear Jesus. I Pray this in Your Name - Amen

Written by: Belinda Taylor 12-6-12
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