For the love of Fall

Fall. I love everything about it. The crisp, cool, air with the refreshing clean smell as if earth has shed the old revealing the new.

I love warm sweaters and sitting around a bon fire with family and friends, feeling the heat from the fire on my face. I love getting lost in thought with each flicker of the light and red pulsating embers.

Reflecting on the past few months, remembering the fun in the sun but so much welcoming the new days ahead. Making new memories through Photography. To hold still the very thought of the moment.

Walks down winding country roads with a view of the reds, yellows, browns of the trees and leaves beneath my feet. Snuggles, kisses and blankets make the Fall season a welcomed event.

It reminds me to hang on to every second of it before it loses itself in the winter's bitter cold. Lost forever until earth decides to shed the old once again the next year, repeating the cycle we call, "Seasons"...

Written by: Belinda Taylor 9-16-2013

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