I love the sound of rain on a tin roof. The whisper in my ear to know i am loved. I live for hugs and tender kisses.

I adore a candle lit bath and romantic dinners at home. Perhaps picnics on the bedroom floor.

I melt for cuddles, soft blankets, cold winter snow and hot cocoa. Looking out the window trying to guess how many snowflakes have fallen to the ground.

I crave affection and desire it to be given freely because, well, just because...

I dream of waking in the mornings to smiles and warm lips planted on my face welcoming me to a new day. I am hopeless and want you to be hopeless with me.

The sound of a train in the distance longing to be noticed with it's lonely cries in the dark. Or perhaps the song of the crickets in the fall at dawn.

Spring has it's own wonders to cling to but this moment, just once, this one moment in time i need someone to hold me, love me, need me, want me simply for the beautiful person i know i am...

Written by: Belinda Taylor - Sept. 9, 2012
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