In 3 Years

She sat in disbelief as she read the words on the computer screen confirming her suspicions. Yes, indeed, he was cheating.

The tears rolled as she tried to muster up enough strength to hold her shaking hands steady.

The lies he has told about her jump right out of the screen at her, taunting her self worth. Why would he do this?

She doesn't understand but she realizes understanding it will be of no concern to him because his mind is somewhere else and not with her.

Standing in front of the mirror she looks long and hard and in her own mind tells herself she sees why he wants another for she is ugly, fat, disgusting to look at. Little did she know it was mind play on her own part.

Surely it had NOTHING to do with any of those things but rather had EVERYTHING to do with his own lack of self worth. HE had to convince himself that he is worth something to others, even if it meant lying to himself and everyone around him to know it.

Homeless at this point she sits at the Ohio River with her son and daughter-in-law wondering how this could possibly now be her life now. Knowing that tomorrow she would be standing in a food pantry begging for food and sobbing from the humiliation of it, and knowing he is but a mere 2 miles away, in her bed, on her sheets with another.

She was lost and sitting at the very spot where his son was dragged out of the deep, dark, twisting river, dead at 19 years old 2 years earlier. He had no remorse, no care about those the river seemed to grasp. How many lives must drown before he feels complete?

Over the course of the last 3 years she had learned a lot about herself, about him, about who her true friends are, and about the woman who walked away with what she thought was her life. She would conclude that her injustice would be her blessing in the end.

Confident, healthier, self employed, free, loved by family, and friends she treks forward in life with a smile, thankful for the life she has, and thankful for that life she lost and those people in it.

She has witnessed his misery over the last few years, as well as watched the other woman fail miserably in not only her relationship with him, but in her own financial status, and even as a mother of the unborn child she chose to destroy before birth.

I thank You Lord for what You have done for me and my family. For bringing us where we are today and keeping Your hand on us every second of everyday. I thank You Lord for laying out the map of my life and urging me to follow it.

For removing those people, places and things from my life so that i could live. For showing me that the river wasn't there to hurt us, but rather to clean him out of our lives forever.

For showing me that he is what he is and what he is will NEVER be any different. For giving me the courage to turn my heart away from such evil. In Jesus name, i pray, -Amen and Amen...!!!

Written by: Belinda Taylor 7-9-13
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