Exactly where is "Nowhere"? If nowhere is nothingness then can we really say we are going nowhere?

Perhaps "Nowhere" is rather a feeling we get when we have become jaded.

You know, that feeling of "Well i have been done wrong so many times i no longer care" feeling. The "I am numb inside because of past experiences" feeling.

Isn't that like saying, "hmm, i give up on the human race. I will never trust another!" You cannot say you will never trust another because fact is we trust people everyday. Maybe not from a relationship standpoint but we still place trust in others every day of our lives.

We trust that the store clerk will give us the correct change back. We trust that the bus will arrive on time. We trust that we will drive down the street safely because we trust the other guy behind the wheel beside us.

We trust in spite of how hardened we think we have become. So, if we can become that hard then maybe there is such a place as "Nowhere".

I have had so many marks placed on my heart that i feel like the scar tissue from them will suffocate it until there is no life left. But then that little thing we call hope pops through just enough to say "nope, not today, here is a spot not marked!"

Maybe i should just step back and say "hey, I'm jaded so don't expect me to care!" Then turn around and indicate that even though i don't care i still wanna be a part of your life.

That is double standards, not jaded. Jaded is what we claim when we don't want to be in a relationship of emotional substance. When we want the benefits without the investment.

Why do we seem to want the one we can't have? Why do those we can't have seem harder to get the more we want them? Why must the one we can't have tease us by hanging onto us by a very thin thread?

Is it the thrill of the chase? Or the thrill of knowing they never have to give in order to get. Who knows but it sure can be confusing.

I guess the moral of this article is to remind you to not give up because hope does reside in all of us and at the very moment that we decide we are going "Nowhere" love will fall into our arms for us to have and to hold as ours forever. I haven't given up or became jaded. Have you?

Written by: Belinda Taylor
August 14, 2013


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